Top paying kewords-How about that?

In a game card known as top Trumps, each card contains a list of numerical data, and the aim of the game is to compare these values in order to try to trump and win an opponent's card. The same apply in market strategy. There are many types of ways to sell products, what this essentially means is that you offer your best products(highest revenue or most expensive) and receive money, usually in exchange for goods or services.
To have a full Understanding and right meaning of "hot" keywords! is not necessarily the miracle-ones (mesothelioma, asbestosis or others like these) but the smart way this chosen ones are used and how you can buttress your assertion on them. The art is how to choose and use them properly.
It is not enough to start from high ranking keywords after their monetary value, pick the highest paying ones and just produce some content around them.

A great amount of sites were built around high paying keywords with this sole aim of producing money. Well, it may have worked for a very little while in the beginning but you just have to be sure to not work against Google's Program Policies (so you don't risk being banned from the program) and this is not worth the effort.

So try as much as possible not to be Artificial in creating your websites, be sure
you have the resources and the ability to make your site a good one, with great content, around some top paying keywords which I will be listing below shortly, you can go ahead and do it, only be sure to pick the ones you'll feel comfortable to write on, not for monetary interest alone. The keyword prices on hot lists are not guaranteed to be true, besides, even if they were true, the final value would be influenced by many other factors (e.g.: time, region, etc). - Buy Adult Traffic
Also, there is a fierce competition in the niches for this type of keywords; the market is saturated on the industries that pay highly on advertising (debt, finance, mortgage, insurance), you'll have a hard time trying to break through. So, in these conditions, it is highly recommended that you pick from the list below the very best one you are skilled enough to write good content about if you must be chosen by Google for the ads from the highest bidders. Otherwise stay put with less competitive keywords with earning less per click but at a constant pace, I think that makes a better, steadier revenue source.

As regards the keword effective usage, you can find example of good sites to emulate in these places HERE:
and HERE